Tokenize Infrastructure Investment

Crowdfunding infrastructure projects like local ISP,

Generating cash flow for investors.

Who We Are

We are a group of tech-savvy investors who care about fundamentals, especially real-world infrastructure and the environment. We want to bridge the gap between public goods and economic incentives by bringing in alternative security offerings to average investors.

WISPToken is owned by Green Monster LLC, which is a private company focused on identifying and analyzing high-performance, cash flow positive infrastructure businesses like wireless internet service operations, solar farms, etc. We raise funding for businesses to grow in underserved areas and optimize the business operation while returning sustainable cash flow to investors.

Our mission is to fund environmentally friendly infrastructure projects with high potential yield returns regardless of market cycles. We aim to generate positive cash flow from day one and make the process simple, liquid, and affordable to average investors. We conduct business with utmost honesty and integrity, never sacrificing our conservative engineering approach.

Why Are We Interested in WISP

Wireless internet service providers (WISPs) deliver great internet service alternatives for many underserved and rural areas. Using the latest 5G technology. WISPs can provide high-speed broadband access in large areas, at a fraction of the cost and set up time; compared with laying cable or fiber to each house, especially in rural areas. The saving can then be passed on to the clients in those communities.

However, many WISPs struggle to scale due to limited access to infrastructure, lack of funding, and difficulty in recruiting. Traditional lending models do not fit the needs of WISPs. We hope to bridge the funding gap through a security token offering.

Why Choose WISPToken For Your Investment


Tokenization divides big capital investment into segments that are affordable to the average person.

*Note that if you live in the USA, you must be an accredited investor.

Cash Flow

Receive a passive income by investing in sustainable real-world business. We identify high-performance sponsors to give you the best return.

Hassle-Free Paperwork

We streamline document signing and legal processes to make your investment process hassle-free.


We provide various investment opportunities from different locations and sponsors to help you diversify your portfolio. Alternative to real estate business.

Current Offerings

NY Finger Lakes Network Expansion
Add 1 tower, 100 devices, use the existing crew and truck.
Target CoC: 10.76%
Holding period: 5 months
OK Oklahoma City New Development
Build 1 tower, 300 devices, new crew and new truck, partial capital covered by builder.
Target CoC: 11.5%
Holding period: 9 months
Paraguay IoT Device in Forest
Set tower at mountain, 200 devices, new crew and new truck
Target CoC: 12.05%
Holding period: 12 months

Our Strategy

Niche Market

Wireless Internet Service is an under-discussed industry with its unique cash flow model compared with traditional real estate. Fundamental infrastructure projects are largely underfunded in many countries. We help you break down the pros and cons of investing those business.

Track Record

We are very selective on sponsors and only partner with sponsors who have a proven track record of their business. We do extensive due diligence for our investors and stay transparent throughout the deal.

Flexible Financing

Many small WISPs that generate consistent revenue and profit struggle to get loans or funding from traditional finance due to the nature of the business. We understand the business and risks involved and aim to provide the funding they need in the most efficient way through tokenization.

Strong Fundamentals

In the speculative crypto market like today, we aim to generate consistent cash flow for investors by standing behind business fundamentals. We can’t go to the moon in a day but step by step we can build real generational wealth.

Market Research

We conduct detailed market analysis before putting new service sites on top of the market research done by our sponsors to reduce the risks for investors. We constantly collecting feedback from users and communicating their needs with our sponsors. 

Value Adds

We are in close contact with our sponsors. When things not working out we will be the first to help correct it. We also provide operational advice for entrepreneurs who are new to the business and want to grow fast.

Attractive Returns

We target over 10% for cash-on-cash returns, which is very competitive compared with traditional real estate passive income returns. Internet service is a utility for most people and we can grow business regardless of market cycles.

Start Infrastructure Investing is EASY


Join WISPToken investor club by registering a free account.


Book a call when you have questions on any deals listed.


KYC is needed for security investment.


Receive ongoing cash flow upon investing

Submit a New Project Proposal

If you don’t see a location that needs good internet service on our current offering, feel free to submit a proposal.


Seth McGovern
(Co-founder & CEO)

An experienced entrepreneur, investor, and crypto enthusiast; with a deep background in technology, internet infrastructure, and real estate. From property investments at 21, by age 25 he owned and operated cell phone stores, a telecom wholesaler, and a website design company.


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